U14 Results

Here are photos of the winners of the U14 Boy's and Girl's  Events for the Luero Open 2012.

Any questions or further information and or corrections, please feel free to contact us at luero@hintonburgbc.ca and we will make any adjustments.

U14 Girl's Singles: Elina Ma (Silver) and Varalika Tyagi (Gold) 

U14 Boy's Singles: Steve Lam (Gold) and William Zhao (Silver)

U14 Boy's Doubles: Steve Lam / Michael Duan (Gold) and William Zhao / Jason Liu

U14 Mixed Doubles: Varalika Tyagi / Chi-Hong Cheung (Gold) and Steve Lam /Felicia Jiang (Silver)

U14 Girl's Doubles: Lisa Tang / Aswini Ganesh (Gold) and Elina Ma / Felicia Jiang (Silver)