The Eric Luong Memorial Badminton Tournament:

Twelfth Edition

We first want to thank everyone of you whom have been a part of our history in making it a success and invite you to take part in our return to the summer.

As a tribute to one of our members, our annual tournament is back with proceeds going to local charities - our donations over ten years has raised over $9000.00.

Tournament Results

Women's Doubles

A Champions - Dani Roth / Katie Leela Fong

A Finalists - Valerie Daoust / Dominique Lalonde

B Champions - Meagan Laforge / Aarthi Ganesh

B Finalists - Grace Angkasa / Grace Zhu

C Champions - Luckana Wasoontarajaroen /Jackie Huang

C Finalists - Nadanie Perera / Christina Zhou

D Champions - Maya Given / Vy Nguyen

Men's Doubles

A Champions - Liam Woodside / Ipellie Foo

A Finalists - Tony Yang / William Fang

B Champions - Vong Kim / Grigory Didur

B Finalists - Michael Yuen / Steve Lam

C Champions - Guillaume Belanger / Mathieu Durand - Gravelle

C Finalists - Sanmeet Chahal / Luca Ferretti

D Champions - Eajie Adona / John Le

D Finalists - Henry Chen / Randy Ngo

Mixed Doubles

A Champions - Ipellie Foo / Dana Pothier

A Finalists - Kevin Wilson / Rewena Cespedes

B Champions - Liam Woodside / Chyna Ouimet Liu

B Finalists - Willy Kao / Felicia Jiang

C Champions - Joel Lavigne / Chi Van

C Finalists - Isaac Seow / Meagan Laforge

D Champions - Yiwei Chen / Jackie Huang

D Finalists - Henry Chen / Lindsey Esnard

Open Singles

A Champions- Liam Woodside

A Finalist - Ipellie Foo

B Champion - Grigory Didur

B Finalist - Victor Lai

C Champion - Fabien Morcamp

C Finalist - Reath Roth

D Champion - Jeremie St Pierre

D Finalist - Isaac Seow

Women's Singles

A Champions - Katie Leela Fong

A Finalists - Diana Zhao

B Champions - Sophia Laverdiere

B Finalists - Meagan Laforge

C Champions - Jenny Liao

C Finalists - Anais Anton

Special Thanks

Photography - Victor Lai and Aarthi Ganesh

Prizes - Oliver Sport Canada